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CITSO History
Welcome to the unoffical CITSO Page.

The St Lawrence and Adirondack Railway Company (Then New York Central) starts service between Beauharnois to Adirondack Junction See this link for more rail history

A. Legault starts a bus service from Valleyfield to Montreal Via Chateauguay, Kahnawake, ferry to Lachine and then on to Montreal
Provincial Transport Logo 1930
1929 June
Provincial Transport takes over the  Legault bus service

1939 timetables shows 7 buses a day (5 to Valleyfield and 2 turned back at Beauharnois)

Bus Services were restricted for the World War II


New York Central service between Montreal and Utica, NY (and Chateauguay) cancalled.

Provincial Transport services to the suburbs were spun off to Metropolitan Provincial
MP logo from bus ticket about 1965

Break up of Provincial Transport creates Metropolitan Provincial (1967) inc.
MP Logo 70's
Bus services in Chateauguay were reorganized to provide better services to Chateauguay

Downtown Terminal moved to Voyager Bus station on Berri St. from Drummond and Dorchester (1250 Rene Levesque)

1976 July 24
CSN Drivers for Met. Prov. are locked out suspending service until Feb 11 1977

1977 Feb 11
Fares goes up 15 %

1980 Oct 15
CTCUM Takes over Metropolitan Provincial (1967) and Autobus trans Urbain serving the West Island of Montreal, however the fare policy remains.

Quebec legislation in late 1983 allowed the establishment of local Conseils Intermunicipaux de Transport (Intermunicipal Transport board )

Conseil Intermunicipal de Transport du Sud-Ouest is formed by Chateauguay, Lery, Beauharonis, Melochville, St. Timothee, and Valleyfield

1984 Jan 1
Services moved to Metro Angrignon
Service to Cazaville, St. Louis de Gonzague and Cazaville were suspended.

1984 Nov.
Autobus Auger takes over the Valleyfield line from CTCUM

1985 Jan 1
Auger takes over all Chateauguay lines.

Experimented with downtown service to Term. Voyager.
Service was a failure and the buses retreated to Angrignon

Autobus Auger breaks up with Autobus Auger Metropolitan keeping Chateauguay and Corporation National de Autobus keeping the Valleyfield line

Park and ride opens on St. Jean Baptise near St. Francis with a rush hour shuttle service to downtown Montreal at 1000 La Gauchetiere west.

1997 aug. 1
Corporation National de Autobus takes over the Chateauguay line from Auger Metropolitan, Auger Metropolitan gets its Chateauguay contract back in 2002

CONRAIL tracks are not used.

1998 Jul. 1
Integrated Passes are introduced

2001 Sept
AMT Starts Rail service between Windsor station and Delson, 2 trains a day.

2001 Sept 25
Work starts on the bus lane expansion to St. Francais in Chateauguay, when completed in Q1-2 2002, CITSO and CITHSL service should be much faster since the bus lane is 4 times longer.

2002 August 1 
Autobus Auger Metropolitan wins back the contract for Chateauguay, Corporation National de Autobus keeps the Valleyfield line. other bidders Autobus Vians, Autobus Paquet of Laval.

2002 October 28
CITSO overhauls its Chateauguay service to better meet demands for today's riders
The bus lane is extended into Chateauguay.

Provincial Transport Station 1966 Click to enlarge1942 Bus Click to EnlargeProvincial Transport Terminal 1966 inside, Click to view enlargement

1983 Ticket when CTCUM was the subcontractor click to enlargeNew York Central Ticket from 1928 click to enlarge

1979 Click to enlarge1983 Click to Enlarge1984 Timetable (Auger) Click to Enlarge 19911999